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  • From: Gary Campbell <campg2003@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 09:35:01 -0700

It sounds like you have set the start point, but the rest of the track is selected. When you paste you replace the selection. So you need to make sure the start and end of the range are at the same position.

You could do this by:
Press HOME; focus moves to the start of all audio, or j; focus moves to start of selected tracks. Play until you reach the desired paste point and press left bracket. Because this start point is beyond the end point, the start and end point are positioned there.
-- or --
play until you reach the desired starting point and press left bracket.
Press SPACE to stop playback.
Check the time of the start and end points. If they are different, press leftarrow. Now the start and end points are both where you previously set the start point. The JAWS scripts make this check very easy-- just press ALT+[, then ALT+].


On 11/12/2014 6:32 AM, Rich De Steno wrote:
I know this subject has come up before on this list, but I still cannot get it right. When I want to insert a piece of audio or a track within an existing track, I place a left square bracket at the entry point in the existing track and press control-v for pasting. However, this always overwrites the prior audio after the left bracket, rather than pushing it back. I get around this by braking up the sections into separate tracks and using the connect tracks option in the tracks menu, but that involves more work. How do you paste audio within an existing track without overwriting?

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