[audacity4blind] Re: How to put several Audacity tracks together into one project

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Thanks so much David! I didn't know this before. Will update this in my 
Vietnamese guide for Audacity.
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  Hi Jen,
  Just to add that if you have a number of tracks in a project, and you want to 
align them so that they come after each other, you can just:
  1. press ctrl+a to select all the tracks
  2. Open the tracks menu, open the align tracks sub menu, and choose end to 


  On Sunday, 30 March 2014, 2:08, Jennifer Bose <jen10514@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Hi, Listers.

  Just wondering how to accomplish this. Do you just record each track
  and then select and paste them all one after another, or is it more


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