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For my expirience, you don't need to select all audio. Just focus at the track 
where you want to boost up gain, and then press shift+g.
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  I'm trying to get my recordings to come out louder.  Both the input and 
output meters are set to 100 percent, as is the microphone setting on the 
record page of the volume utility, and the 20 DB boost is checked.  So I tried 
to use the gain feature with puzzling results.  First I select the whole track, 
then press shift G to bring up the gain dialog.  Using either the edit field or 
the slider in that box, I'm able to boost the volume.  But then if I delete 
that take and redo it, and try the same procedure it doesn't work.  If I exit 
Audacity and restart it, the gain works fine, but I don't want to have to do 
that for each take.  What am I doing wrong here?


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