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All you need to do is really gather all the questions and we can look
through archives and get the right answer or maybe after so many questions
Dave and I can get together and come up with some good answers from
everyone's post.





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I'll try that for awhile, unless the project gets too big. I do have a
full-time job away from this computer access.



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Hi folks,

Scott here,


Got a couple of questions to throw out in the pot today.

Firstly, David and I would like to have a faq relating to Audacity of the
blind community's users own.  In other words, we would like to have our Faq
from a blindness prospective.  So any questions whether smart, not
sure,anything is welcome.  Now the next question is is anyone on here a good
compiler/editor in otherwords what we would want to do is categorize the faq
questions and write them up.  This could be done in the Word processor of
your choice as long as html can be saved.  If anyone wants to take this up
write me off list at:

sberry@xxxxxxxxxxx and I will talk with you more about it off list.  The
tighter this community is the better we will get to know each other possibly
become friends and my goal is to make this a helpful and very relaxed
community except for slamming and subject lines and also flaming.  These are
the three things that do not go.  Other than this enjoy your stay here and
please help to spread the word.  Even a good signature line like this

Check out the Audacity4blind list at:

Audacity4blind-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with 'subscribe' in the subject line


Would work.  But please spread the word about the list as you spread the
word on the list you are also spreading the message of Audacity.




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