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Thanks, that is very useful!
I am recording from cassettes that invariably have different maximum volumes.  
What I am aiming to do is keep the sounds and crackles as they are part of the 
original recordings, but make equal sound from both speakers and have all the 
digital recordings at the same maximum volume level.  

I am guessing I would need just  amplify normalise and Equalisation.  If so, 
what would be the right order to apply each Effect to get the desired result?

Many thanks.


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  In every effect dialog, there is a preview button. That means that before you 
apply an effect, you can listen to how it will sound, according to preview 
settings, or the selected time range.

  Within gain and pan, you can adjust values and listen at the same time.
  That may probably be what you mean by Real time effects.

  When normalizing audio, the lowest volume comes as near as possible to 0 
decibels, and the same happens to the highest volume, so that all the audio 
stays at a constant level. When the recording has hiss or background noise, The 
dc offset trys to compensate that extra noise. You don’t really need to change 
any of those settings, unless you really know what your final project is 
supposed to sound like.

  As far as i am concerned, the only situation when you need to have a specific 
up or down order with your tracks, is when you are doing the Auto duck, or 
mixing voice with music, so that the music fades out when the voice starts, and 
fades back in when the voice ends. That is the Auto duck function, and you need 
to move the track that is called the control track to the down position.

  To set your preview preferences, go to edit, preferences, playback, and 
define the time for your previews. Shurly David or other users can give you 
more help if needed.


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  Hi All.

  In the Audacity Reference it says "Audacity does not have any real-time 
effects; you must select the audio, apply the effect, and then listen to the 

  Can any one explain what real-time effects actually means.

  When explaining the Normalise effect the same Audacity reference talks about 
dc offset.  What is it, what does it do, does it effect the sound?

  I always try to have the loudest points of any recording at the same volume.  
I am confused about the right way of doing this.

  Finally if there is a vertical displacement of a track, could we hear it? How 
does something not being aligned properly change a recording.

  Could really do with some help or suggestions as to where I might go to learn 
more about this.


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