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Thank you.  This might help for smoother editing, also.  Anyway, I hope so.  


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Yes it does, though it took me a while to discover it. 


When recording, hit the letter p

And it will pause. 

When you start

Again, hit p and it will continue where it was. 


To be sure at first,  you can put JAWS in “Say All” mode. It will count the 
seconds or minutes of your audacity recording. When you hit p, it will stop 
counting since you’re now in pause mode. 

Then when you hit P again it will resume counting, since you’re no longer 


Good luck.




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Hi.  I know that Spacebar stops and starts playback, but is there a Pause 
function that can be used to make smoother cuts when removing silences?  Thank 
you for your help.  





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