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Are you saying you want to have each selection be in its own file? If so, you're doing it the hard way. Set the start and end markers at the beginning and end of the first clip, then use save selection. Then simply delete the selected material after you save it to make the remaining material smaller and avoid the possibility of mistakenly including material you've already saved in other clips.

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I'm trying to separate a long list of voice clips that were sent to me in one file. I made sure the whole thing was unselected, and then selected the portion I wanted to move to its own file and used Cut. The whole thing was cut out of the first window and pasted into the second.
I tried Split Cut, and that took the part I wanted out of the original file so I could paste it into the second, but left a block of silence as long as the audio I'd taken out.

I thought cut/delete was supposed to act on only the selected portion of audio, and Split Cut/Delete deleted or cut everything around the selected portion. Selecting and then deleting audio worked for me before in previous versions of Audacity. The noise removal effect also didn't leave me with whispery feedback when I removed noise, but that's beside the point.

Am I doing something wrong here? I thought it was prudent to unselect everything and then reselect only the part you wanted to manipulate, and last I heard, blind people couldn't create and move multiple clips around.

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