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I forgot who was asking me about "good" microphones to use for recording a piano, below is someone's own mic recommendation.


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[gn] In an earlier posting I mentioned using Superlux microphones.
If you have not discovered these microphones, I can offer a strong
endorsement. The quality is very close to Neumann at a fraction of the

I used the small diaphragm matched stereo pair shown in the middle of the
web page. I positioned these as a stereo pair at 90 degrees using the stereo
pair holder that comes with the set.  They were above and about 8 feet away
from the piano.  The recorded sound is very natural -- it actually sounds
like a piano. Even the concert level professional piano player was satisfied
with the result.

See   http://www.superlux.us/

Best regards and thanks to the Audacity authors for an excellent program...

Gary Nelson

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