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I am using Audacity 2.1.3 on two machines running Windows 10 Creators with NVDA. I had one hiccough when impatiently saving a file. Fortunately, Audacity's excellent crash recovery retrieved the file. Otherwise, all has been boringly stable - the way we like it.

Activate Narrator with Windows-Enter. If that does not work, try control-Windows-Enter which, strangely, is the deal on my Asus notebook.


On 19/07/2017 6:10 AM, David Engebretson Jr. wrote:

Well, if a JAWS script is causing the trouble (it appears jhook.dll is sending too many onPaint messages) and WinAmp uses scripts then it is likely the problem is the same.

How does one invoke Narrator nowadays?



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I doubt the problem is the same. As I understand the problem discussed earlier, Audacity, when used with JAWS in the most recent full Windows update would crash when being used. The current problem appears to be crashing on exit, which is of no practical significance as long as you save your work before closing the program.


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I was getting this message with both Audacity and Winamp back in April
when I upgrated to Creator's Edition. I rolled back Windows and am
reluctant to upgrade again for fear of having the same trouble.

On 7/18/17, Johchi <johchi@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:johchi@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Well I installed Audacity for Windows 10 and the installation went well at
> that. But I didn't do anything in the program at all. So I went to the
> "file" menu and hit exit. Then I got a message saying that Audacity has
> stopped working and Windows will look to see if it sees a fix for the
> problem - or something like that.This has happened several times now. Do I
> need to uninstall Audacity and re-install it in order to fix the problem?
> Thanks,
> John


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