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The following applies regardless of screen reader. The problem with counting presses of arrow keys when making selections is that the increase/decrease of selected audio varies depending on zoom level and length of audio. For a high degree of precision, try using the left and right brackets (the two keys to the right of p) to select beginning and end points respectively. Alternatively, go down to the selection toolbar by pressing ctrl-f6.

This response won't be the complete guide to selecting but should get you started. If you press left bracket when playing that point will be set as the left end of the highlight. Similarly, pressing right bracket when playing will set that point as the right edge. Having stopped playing, pressing either of those keys will let you change values. You can either key in values or arrow up and down to adjust. Pressing the Application key will let you choose from a number of time display options.

Some other useful keys:

Pressing c will play the audio both sides of the selected portion. Very useful if you are wanting to delete. Also try shift-f5 through shift-f8.

Have a play and ask questions that arise.


On 17/11/2016 3:06 PM, Ewings, Elka wrote:


Just wondering if anyone on this link has any knowledge/tips/advice for using Audacity with JAWS. Most specifically, shortcuts keys to highlight parts in the selected track which you want to edit. Again, more specifically, so that a vision impaired user could arrow (a certain amount of times) and know that he has selected a certain amount of time in the track. For example 2 right arrows selects 4 seconds of audio from the starting position......

I hope that makes sense and someone has some advice or tips to make this tedious process easier :)


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