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--On June 10, 2008 8:31:08 AM -0400 T Leizert <terry.leizert@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

But, after the current deadlines are met and the Google summer of Code is
over, I need to complete some work on an accessible midi sequencer (for my
wife).  Then I might be able to dig into Mac accessibility.
<snip ends>

Is this accessible MIDI sequencer going to become part of Audacity? Or,
is  it a separate program that might at some point become available?

There is someone working on enhancing the MIDI features within Audacity that will add at least some editing capabilities and I will attempt to make that usable, but I haven't seen it yet so really can't speak to it very much.

The sequencer I'm working on is derived from the Jazz++ MIDI sequencer from like 2004 or so. From what I gather, Jazz++ had quite a following back in the day and it does seem fairly capable. However, it was abandoned and it didn't keep up with later releases of wxWidgets and other libraries.

It is currently being revived by the main project and my little side project.

We started the revivals about the same time (without knowing about each other), but, so far, I've decided to remain separate. The reason is that if I run into something that I can't make visually appealling while remaining fully accessible, then that's the way it will be. My goal is accessible, not pretty. If I can get both, fine, but accessible takes priority.

And yes, I will be making it available...if I ever finish the darn thing. I was supposed to have gotten it ready for my wife's birthday (today), but failed due to some major changes in Audacity that required some attention.


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