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David, just to clarify, let's say that I have a project going with four tracks, three guitars and a vocal. Let's say that the vocal is too low and I want to bring it up in relation to the guitars. I select the vocal track and make sure that the guitar tracks are not selected. I then press shift-g and enter 3, for example. Do I still need to use the "mix and render" command, which I was never aware of before this, or is pressing shift-g and entering 3 sufficient?

Rich De Steno

On 8/24/2013 8:30 AM, David Bailes wrote:
Hi Rich,
although amplification and gain do roughly the same thing, there are some 
The gain of track is applied to the whole track, and is only applied when the 
track is mixed for playback or export to a file, or when you use the mix and 
render command. Changing the gain, doesn't affect the amplitude of the audio 
data in the track.
The amplify effect can be applied to a time range in one or more tracks. It 
changes the amplitudes of the audio data in the track, and it ignores the gain 
settings of the tracks.
If you select one or more tracks and choose mix and render on the tracks menu, 
then in the resultant track, the gains of the tracks have been taken into 
account, and the gain of the track is initially zero.
So for example, if you select a single track, set the gain to 3, apply the mix 
and render command, the gain is applied to the audio data in the track, and the 
gain is reset to zero.

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Is there any difference between increasing the volume of a track through
the amplify selection in the Effects menu, and by pressing shift-g for
gain and entering a number?  If there is a difference, what is it?
Also, when I have a project of several tracks that are all unselected,
and then I record another track, select it, and check the level of that
last track in the amplify selection in the Effects menu, it always seems
to show a negative number no matter how quiet that last track is.  Why
is that?  Also, merely making this check on the selected last track
seems to make every track selected.  What is going on?

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