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  • From: Iain Learmonth <adapa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:17:32 +0100

auCompSci Members,

TechMeetup is in Aberdeen tonight.

"TechMeetup was founded because there is an abundance of events for
entrepreneurs to meet investors and lawyers, and next to nothing for
techies and tech. Considering the wealth of tech talent around (yes
you), why haven’t we made the effort before to get to know everyone –
see what else everyone is working on – get help on our projects from
others – and talk about some of the cool stuff we’re doing – web apps,
software, mobile apps, hardware, games…

Networking sounds like something that you do if you’re in PR or sales,
so we don’t call it that and we don’t make it feel like that. There’s no
name badges, no canapés. There’s just pizza and beer, a projector and a
load of techies arguing about stuff. Come along to a TechMeetup and meet
who else is involved in your tech scene."

For more information: see their website http://www.techpissup.co.uk/

Iain Learmonth
Head of IT
Computing Science Society
University of Aberdeen

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