[aucompsci-committee] Updated Project Proposal

  • From: Iain Learmonth <adapa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Knox, Steven Alexander" <s.knox.08@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 23:21:49 +0100


I have updated the proposal, can you make sure that it has everything
you need in it as remember I'll be at TechMeetup tomorrow, therefore
missing the majority of our weekly meeting. Let me know of any changes
you want made as soon as possible so I can fit in some time to make

Ideally it'd be before 1pm tomorrow so that I can do it in between
helping people at the helpdesk. Lee Marshall should be attending to
volunteer and Erik shouldn't be doing anything either.

I've also CC'ed the committee so they can be up to date on the situation.
I've also CC'ed Nir Oren, he gave me some helpful feedback on the
format of the proposal and highlighted some reasoning that was missing
from it. I *think* I've implemented everything he pointed out.
I've also CC'ed Judith Masthoff as I was talking to her about the
project and she has a copy of an earlier draft.
I've also CC'ed Naveed Khan so that he is up to date on the situation.

Iain Learmonth
Head of IT
Computing Science Society
University of Aberdeen
e: adapa@xxxxxxxxxxxx
t: +44 (7853) 027574

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