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naw, i'm not bothered. it's a hell of a lot of work. Moy does want a 
hamburger-shaped one eating a person, though.

Alicia Mason
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Hey, I just got an email from ausa about the Torture Parade, if you dont know 
what it is try googling Europes Largest Open air torch parade...might give you 
some hints.
Do we want to get a float for this year, Honestly I am not too excited for this 
year, I think we have bigger and better things to be working on, though the 
parade as a whole would be a good event. All opinions are welcome(good ones 
will be considered). If there is a majority interested in the torture this year 
then getting a float will be a must and the application will go in

Thanks Tom Jones


I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday or “study break”. As you may be 
aware the Torcher Parade is back again this year and we are looking to make 
this the biggest it has ever been. As a result we have managed to arrange more 
lorry floats so that more societies can have a float, which brings me to the 
point of my email. We are trying to be more prepared than ever and are looking 
to try and accommodate every society. Getting your application forms handed in 
earlier means that we can have more dialogue with the lorry company’s so we can 
get the type of lorry which you require. This is something which we aim to do 
every year, so if you are interested in having a float for Torcher 2009 then 
please fill in the attached form and bring them into the AUSA reception on the 
second floor of the hub as soon as you can. The final deadline for a Torcher 
Parade Application Float Forms is the 24th of April 2009.

We are also looking for volunteers to collect all the 2ps, along side the 
parade, as we make our way around the route. In addition to this we are also 
seeking volunteers to steward during the parade and during the construction and 
deconstruction sections of the day. If you are interested in this section you 
can either sign up to the volunteering section of the AUSA website or 
alternatively email me back and I will take it from there.

I am really excited about this year’s Torcher Parade. Due to the accident last 
year we are wanting to make this parade bigger and better on all angles as we 
want to make a point to the community and since we will be getting more media 
coverage from the event. I hope that you can be apart of this and if you have 
any further information you require please just get in contact with me.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.

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