cluster practical and demonstration Wed 21.04, all invited, free coffee

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Greetings, nerds of CompSci.
There will be a high-performance cluster computing practical for MSc students 
and us at the Rowett Institute in Bucksburn on Wednesday 21st, run by Dr. Tony 
Travis, who maintains and designed the RINH's giant Beowulf cluster. The 
practical will involve demos of the main Beowulf, plus a chance to tinker with 
it yourselves and see the experimental Kerrighed cluster, kitcat/badcat. There 
will be short introductory talks about HPC in general and Beowulf in 
particular. I'll be demonstrating alongside Corran Musk, the RINH's DIT guy, so 
we'll be able to explain and answer questions. Also there will be free (good) 

There is space for about 10 people, which is how many were interested last time 
I asked. The RINH is in Bucksburn, on the way to the airport; you take the 309 
bus to get to it, from Union Terrace Gardens or from the bus station - it costs 
about £1.50 for a student all-day ticket. You can also just drive out towards 
the airport and look for the Rowett Institute signs. I'll be taking the bus, so 
if anyone wants to text me and meet up to travel, my mobile is 07527 428831.

The practical is free of course, there will be smart MSc students with cool 
projects to talk to, and HPC is awesome fun. Hope to see y'all there!


Alicia Mason
President, CompSci - au-compsci@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
NuGO NBX Project "kitcat" cluster -

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