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What 3D User Group is this? Anyone know?


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Kudos to Eric Davis, Don DeGrasse and Jeremy Ward… They presented
their projects from Johnathon Vought's Worldbuilding course at last
night's 3D User Group meeting. They did an excellent job describing
their games and what they learned from the project. Way to go guys!

Eric Davis showed his "Medical Records Rampage". You (the player) are
a mail cart that goes around the clinic picking up medical records.
Your objective is to bring the proper records to the desk of your boss
and not get yelled at, which I understand is not easy to do.

Don DeGrasse presented "Andre's Ride" which is a Bus Driving game that
involves kids at the bus stop.

Jeremy Ward demonstrated his "AMC Gremlin off Road Adventure" in which
you will be able to actually drive an AMC Gremlin off road, which
could never happen except in an imaginary world of virtual reality in
the computer.


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