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I understand.  Hopefully we can see one another in the near future.  Hugs
back at you!  


Kate Williams Consulting 
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hi kate: If the work-shop was at ocb, i would attend.  i don't 
feel like traveling to a place that i'm not used to going.  i'm 
just worryed that I would get turned around.  if the meeting 
place was a normal route for mya and i.  i would join in the 
workshop.  hugs, and hope you are well.

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>Adaptive Technology Services is pleased to present the 2nd 
Combined Workshop
>for all graduates.

>We frequently encountered questions regarding SSI and SSDI 

>Can I continue collecting benefits if I begin working?

>How much salary can I earn and still retain my benefits?

>How to I apply for benefits?  What are they?

>And the list goes on!

>Mr.  Robert Pepper of the Social Security Administration; 
Speakers Forum has
>generously agreed to meet with us to answer ALL of your 

>Several Counselors from the DOR will also be present.  It will be 
>opportunity for you to ask them questions about services 
(particularly in
>the throes of budget issues, etc.)

>And, perhaps more importantly, provide an opportunity for you to 
see old
>friends and meet new.  Don't forget Refreshments!  Always a good 

>When:   Wednesday, July 30, 2010

>Time:    1:00 - 3:00 (or 4:00!)

>Where:  Department of Rehabilitation

>            1515 Clay Street, Oakland (Room TBA)

>We are very eager to see each and every one of you!

>Please RSVP to kwilliams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 

> If you have any questions, please email to same.

>Kate Williams Consulting

>at Adaptive Technology Services

>629 Divisidero Street

>San Francisco, CA 94117

>(415) 309-0905 .mobile

>(866) 564- 6650.toll free

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