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Here is another job lead.  I have contacted the company to have them send
position descriptions as they were not attached.  I will send as soon as
they are received, but thought you may want a "heads" up"  and inquire into
the position on your own.  Kim (Director) is not in the office this week,
however.   Kate 



The Independent Living Resource Center of Solano and Contra Costa Counties
is seeking to fill two full-time assistive technology positions. See
attached job description.


Kim Cantrell

Director of Programs 


1234 H St. Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-325-1690 ext. 315

TTY: 916-325-1695

Fax: 916-325-1699

Email: kim@xxxxxxxxx 

http://www.cfilc.org <http://www.cfilc.org/> 


http://www.access2food.org <http://www.access2food.org/> 




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