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I am absolutely thrilled, Meital!  Good for you.  I am going to send you an
email at your private address, so that we can discuss that which you
expressed.  And OF COURSE she was impressed with you!





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Hi Kate,


I had an interview today.  It was actually for a Hebrew School in Palo Alto.
It's on Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon, so it wouldn't interfere
with any regular job I would be looking for.  The pay is between $25 and $50
an hour, so it would be really nice to have a few more hundreds each month.
I used many of the techniques from your workshop.  I wore my professional
blue shirt, nice pants, and planned on getting there an hour early.  I'm
glad I got there early, because I didn't eralize I had a bridge and fenced
train tracks to cross.  The interviewer was quite impressed.  She said that
she can't offer me the job now, although I had a lot of what she was looking
for, because she promissed another candidate that she would consider her for
the job.  I don't think my wording was very polished, but I wasn't anxious
at all.  I was comfortable that I had the interview skills.  By the way, she
was quite impressed with the question: What would it take someone to be
successful in this job.  She said: "hmmm, that's a really good question,
I'll have to think about that..."  And her response was actually very
detaiailed and helpful.  I think I didn't seem desperate, and that's what
made me attractive.  Honestly, I wasn't that enthusiastic about it either,
but I think I pretended quite well.  At the end she said, let me know about
your intterviewing with other Hebrew Schools.  Then I told her, this school
would be my first choice.  She said she would get back to me by Monday.
It's a job teaching the Torah to 3rd grade.  Honestly, I dont know that I
can do such a great job, and I didn't disclose at all about my vision.  I
feel that I don't have much of a chance once I disclose.  But I would like
to disclose at some point, and I'd like your advice on that.  I know you
advise to disclose beforehand.

Anyway, I'm wondering whether she seemd so interested in me because she did
notice my disability and wanted to seem compliant with the law, or because I
was really good.  I guess I'll have to wait until Monday.  


Hope you are well and your class is going well.

The next class I'd like to attend is one about how to keep a job.  This
seems to be a great challange for me.  I hope someone would do a class like


Take care,



Michelle (Meital), Hochberg, MBA
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