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hi jessa, how are you doing. I'm doing pretty good. Talk later. From rhonda

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Kate- When we saw each other last Wednesday, you said you'd send
me your new e-mail address and as far as I know I still don't have it. I'd like to keep in touch.
                         Hope you are well and happy,
Jessa Drury
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To all of those who attended the Workshop today (and all of
those who could not!)
We hope that you enjoyed today's presentation by Brian Basham.
I wish to thank you for your active participation. Someone made the observation that we learn from one another. they were so correct. The questions you posed were thoughtful and relevant. We learn much from YOU.
As mentioned, we encourage you to use this forum to keep in
touch.  share your successes and ask questions of one another.
Today I received a "blog" from one of my colleagues. She is
writing specifically for Recruiters. She should know what she is talking about.. She is a Senior Recruiter for Levi Strauss. She is also my "go-to" person if I have a question about LinkedIn. If you have not joined yet, please do so. The rewards are many. This particular Recruiter uses LinkedIn to locate candidates for positions at Levi's. I took the liberty of "lifting" one of her items from today's Blog. It may be something you wish to consider to enhance your profile (remembering that many Recruiters will do just that.. Check YOU out before they approach you with an opportunity. (See below) I know I am going to take her advice!
 Need a Recommendation?
If you are a user of LinkedIn, you may know about a section
where you ask former colleagues or friends to write a recommendation. If you are not familiar with this section, a recommendation is the same thing as a reference, only shorter and permanent since it's in print and out there for the world to see. It's a nice little feature that LinkedIn provides and it gives us Recruiters something nice to read while we peruse your profile. I highly recommend that if you have a profile on LinkedIn, ask a few people to write you a recommendation. Especially if that certain someone is a former manager or colleague. The idea is to have someone attest to your work, again, it's the same thing as a reference. Do not ask someone who does not know you all that well. Another plus? I and many Recruiters use LinkedIn as our data base from which to recruit candidates. One of the first areas of interest for me is the "Recommendations" feature. It tells me something about how the persons work is viewed by others.



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