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Hi everyone;
This announcement is from last year. 
It seems Dawn was trying to contact Cameron but inadvertantly communicated with 
the whole group, as replying to the sender will send to the whole list. To 
contact an individual we need to copy the individual's email address and apply 
it to a new email (no replies).


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  I appreciate the notification regarding this group and I'd like to attend the 
next meeting at OCB in Albany on August 12th.  This group sounds like fun and 
especially strength building, which is exactly what we all need.


  I look forward to receiving more information,




  Jesus H. Torres



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  hey girl how are you? let me know whats going on in your life? Dawn Nixon




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  My name is Cameron Duke and my partner Jacob Sanchez are currently involved 
with The Lighthouse getting a social group together in the bay area. It will be 
called F.U.S.I.O.N. or Blind Fusion meaning Forming union socials in our 
neighborhood. It is a way of socializing and networking with the blind and low 
vision community as well as the sighted. I had the opportunity to go sailing on 
the bay yesterday while my partner Jacob, took a few others to Golden Gate Park 
for archery. It was amazing and also, it was free. We are also looking into 
camping, river rafting, sky diving, bowling, fishing and a number of other 
activities. More people means more fun! If you or anyone you know would be 
interested in participating, please let me know. 

   We will be holding the next meeting at The Orientation Center For The Blind 
on 400 Adams ST. in Albany on Thursday, August 12 in the auditorium at 4 PM.

  Also, on August 11th there will be a Town Hall meeting at The Lighthouse in 
San Francisco from 1-2 PM. They to will be discussing this program. I need a 
head count so please,  give me a heads up if plan to attend 

  Hope you and or your friends can make it!

  All my best Cameron Duke






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