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This discussion got me thinking that I never actually looked at the PAL
BIOS disassembly. So i did a diassembly and have been trying to figure
out how it works. Here's what I have found so far..
The BIOS compares FE00-FE7F with FE80-FF00 and if they are the same, it
assumes there no cartridge and jumps to internal game. 
Next if checks the reset vector, and if it's $FFFF or $0000 then it
assumes there's no cartridge and jumps to the internal game.
It looks like it then checks $FFF8 and $FFF9 for a valid 7800 cartidge
header. If it's not valid it starts the cartridge in 2600 mode.
That's all I have been able to figure out so far.

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Do you know, how the 7800 detects if a valid cartridge is plugged in ?
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If you have trouble with more than one cartridge than I guess your 7800
have a problem.



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Hi !


I am having trouble with a 7800. How does the 7800 detect that a

is plugged into its cartridge port ? It starts up the built in Asteroids
for some of

the cartridges I have here, even if they are plugged in ...


Is the 7800 faulty or the cartridges, or is this a common problem ?



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