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I think the 6/9 already includes the 3 cycle character map access. A single
graphics byte takes 3 cycles, an indirect 1 byte (1 character map, 1
graphics data) takes 6 cycles, and an indirect 2 byte (1 character map, 2
graphics data) takes 9 cycles. 


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I posted a question on AtariAge here:

But I thought I would ask it here also.

The MARIA doc is a little confusing on DMA cycle timing:
All times listed below refer to 7.16 MHz cyles.

          DMA startup            5-9      cycles

          Header (4 byte)        8        cycles
          Header (5 byte)        12       cycles

          Graphics Reads:
          Direct                 3        cycles
          Indirect/1 byte        6        cycles
          Indirect/2 byte        9        cycles

          Character Map access   3        cycles

          Shutdown Times:
          Last line of zone      10-13    cycles
          Other lines of zone    4 - 7    cycles

Specifically, the "Character Map access 3 cycles" line.  Is that in addition
to the 6/9 cycles for an indirect graphics read or is it already included in
the 6/9 cycles listed there?


-Bob Montgomery

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