[atari7800] Re: Sound? Collision detection?

  • From: Mark Rathwell <av999@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 09:26:52 -0500

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From: Shrek <matzieq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2004 9:02 am
Subject: [atari7800] Sound? Collision detection?

> The more I understand of how 7800 graphics work, the more I think 
> that this
> machine is incredible, and Tramiel should burn in hell - if 
> released when it
> was ready, I think it would eat NES for the breakfast, and SMS for 
> dinner.

At certain tasks, I suppose. I'm not into "X is completely better than 
Y in every respect" comparisons. 

In fairness to Jack T though, even if it was released in 1984, the 
stores all hated Atari so it would have had a tough battle. And the 
NES didn't win on hardware - it won on innovative game titles. 

One thing is strange, however. Are you trying to tell me, 
> that a system
> which could possibly display 100 objects on the screen, has the 
> same sound
> capabilities as 2600? 2 channels? With that lousy limited pitch? Can
> something be done with this? I'm a bit surprised (and it isn't nice
> surprise).

Yeah - probably an issue of space and cost. The 7800 has both unique 
hardware and 2600 hardware on the motherboard. To maintain 2600 
compatibility, it has 2600 sound. But (for space and cost), they 
didn't have a secondary sound chip to take over TIA chip's sound, the 
way that MARIA takes over for graphics.

The 7800 hardware does allow you to place a POKEY soundchip in 
cartridges to give the 7800 6-channels overall (2 voices in TIA, 4 in 
POKEY) but only two games use it ... Ballblazer and Commando. With 
Cuttle Carts, you could theoretically make POKEY sound driven games 
without the expense of building a POKEY cart.

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