[atari7800] Re: Hello-- testing

  • From: "John K. Harvey" <jkharvey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: atari7800@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, <atari7800@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 22:42:38 -0500

>Really, it's just you and me on this list at the moment.  I haven't
>announced this list to the general public since Stella list seems okay with
>having 7800 traffic (properly subjected) there.

Hey there,

Hmm... Well, you know my feeling on the subject; it would cause me too much
email on a daily basis, and most of it pretty much SPAM; but you already
knew that. :)

To introduce you to my 7800 enthusiasm, I've been working on about 10
different 7800 projects, and they each end up rotating around in
importance, making any finished product dang-near impossible.  I've got 3
games I was working on (now down to 2, and these I just play with a little
bit now and again), and 2 cart's I'm disassembling because they probably
hold interesting content and some "secrets" of 7800 programming.  Other
than that, sometimes I develop tools, learn about hardware, or just play
games for the challenge of finishing them off (like Midnught Mutants and
Tower Toppler).  Heck, I've even tried to track down 7800 programmers
before (with some success).

I'm mostly a fan of finding that which is hidden: thoughout the last few
years I've found the "secret" Fatal Run codes which cannot simply be found
with a hex editor, the Joystick test screen in Ninja Golf, and found what
made Impossible Mission truly impossible.  I still want to find that secret
code for Ikari Warriors (I just KNOW it's in there somewhere!)

But to bring the conversation back to this list, does it support
attachments?  I can post a zip file of one of my on-again-off-again
projects, if you're curious to see what I've been working on in the

I'd recommend inviting Eckhard Stolberg, Mitch Orman, and Dan Boris to see
if they'd be interested in joining this list; maybe there is a potential
for growth. :)

Oh well; it's getting late, and I need to prepare for work tomorrow.


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