[atari7800] Re: Aw: Re: Mode 160B don't works for me...

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OK, so you are probably using a batch file that looks something like this:

dasm 7800demo.s -f3  -o7800demo.bin -l7800demo.lst 
78hdr 7800demo.bin 7800demo.a78 0000
a78sign -f 7800demo.a78

What's happening is that it's creating the A78 version first and then
signing that. You really only need to do it that way if you are creating a
bankswitched game, for games 48K and smaller you can just run the A78sign
program on the bin file.
So, to fix that, what you can do is reverse the last two lines and change
the file extension on the file that a78sign is processing.
Like this:

dasm 7800demo.s -f3  -o7800demo.bin -l7800demo.lst 
a78sign -f 7800demo.bin
78hdr 7800demo.bin 7800demo.a78 0000

That way both files are signed.


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Hi there!

> Which sign tool are you using?

Just the stuff from Dans devkit. Would I need to reserve any bytes within 
the 48K binary itself for a signature? I thought the tools would do this 
by just adding it somehow.


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