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  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:45:17 -0400

Sung to the Tune Of "Dust In The Wind"

Dust in the cart
All you have is dust in the cart
Just dip a q-tip
In some rubbing alcohol and clean the cart
Perhaps you too
Can clean the contacts in the console that you ha-a-ave
Dust in the cart
All you have is dust in the cart

Yeah, it may be a hardware problem...but if it's reading some of the carts, I suspect the above may be the problem. It's like that flashing problem with Nintendo systems...you swab the connectors in the cart with alcohol and use a system cleaning device and the NES systems usually start performing the way you want them to. Can't hurt to give it a try with the 7800 either....

Ah sorry, I forgt to mention, that I only have 2600 carts. The 2600 carts don't need such a key, right ?

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Hi !

I am having trouble with a 7800. How does the 7800 detect that a cartridge

is plugged into its cartridge port ? It starts up the built in Asteroids for some of

the cartridges I have here, even if they are plugged in ...

Is the 7800 faulty or the cartridges, or is this a common problem ?


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