[asvs] Re: When Would Synthetic Vision be Useful?

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wonder if it would b helpful at all to consider how the Kaspa or sonar cane
from Dr. Kay's research works. that's all real time sonic images though not
really 3d well maybe to a point. maybe someone could do some experimenting
with it and see if objects canceled out each other etc.

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Hi David and all,

 > The model we are working on would provide a simultanious three d view

Of course we all want that, but the key problem is to prevent that,
say, the sounds of two identical visual objects at the same elevation,
symmetrically placed on your left and on your right side, cancel out
their relative phases such that sound appears to come from one point
straight ahead rather than from those two positions on your left and
right. I think only a sequential protocol, some form of scanning, can
break this inherent ambiguity in using sound coming from many sources
in space.

Best wishes,


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