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did you set the .wav to repeat so that you could hear it a number of times 
in succession?

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Well I did not use stereo headphones...but I tried it on a 6.1 surround
sound system...and just my laptop...which definitely has stereo.

Anyways, it might be me...maybe I'm just not atuned enough to hear the

Take care,

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Hi Sina and all,

Did you set your sound player or media player to loop the sound? In the
beginning you will need to hear the soundscapes a number of times to =
out all the visual details that they contain. Did you use stereo =
Loudspeakers spoil the details.

The image is scanned from left to right, which pitch for height and =
for brightness. There is a curve going up and down and up again, and so =
its pitch: it sounds as a single tone with pitch going up and down and =
again. In the same image there are three little bright squares at the =
left, which you hear on your left side at low pitch, with the leftmost =
at the same height, hence having the same pitch with a very brief pause =
between, and the third one a little higher, hence at somewhat higher =
At the bottom right of the image there are two little squares, again at =
pitch but sounding on your right side. The rightmost square lies lowest,
hence giving lowest pitch. Finally, also at the right but at a high
position, there is a row of five little squares, all at the same height,
hence all with the same high pitch with brief interruptions separating =
So in total there are three plus two plus five is ten little squares, =
the curve.

Best wishes,

Peter Meijer

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe

Sina Bahram wrote:

> I'm sorry...but I did not get 10 squares and a curve out of either of=20
> =3D those two sounds...the faster one was simply too fast to grab=20
> anything but a curvature motion....the first one indicated something=20
> about individual things in the picture....but I have no clue what....
> Take care,
> Sina

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