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Unfortunately, when dealing with visual representations, we are constrained 
by what can be processed and how it can be processed.  Whilst sterio 
headphones are not necessarily required for the experience from the vOICe, 
it is desireable and ultimately best to use stereo headphones due to the 
nature of the information being delivered such that if you are to read 
braille using a computer, a braille display is required but not quite to the 
same extent.  Headphones cancel out bleed effects and also make for better 
separation of sounds.  It is also likely that if you are using this 
technology in a highly portable way, you will want to use headphones for a 
variety of reasons.

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Thanks for your valueable response...

I guess this concerns me..if we are going to be working on a project =
requires old, rather than new technology...then I believe some =
of objectives might be in order...i was under the impression we can make
this work with a wide variety of sound rendering devices...not just a =
dependance on stereo headphones?

I realize the project Will is working on will be slightly =
different..but, I
was just wondering what our hardware dependancies will be?

Oh yeh: and let me point out that no matter what the dependancy or =
the case: I have the ut most of respect and gratitude for all of your =
I truly mean that...i think it's a wonderful thing you all are doing, =
and I
sincerely appreciate this.

Take care,

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Hi Sina,

 > Well I did not use stereo headphones...but I tried it
 > on a 6.1 surround sound system...and just my laptop...
 > which definitely has stereo.

Surround sound is killing: the added acoustics are very
bad for our purposes - even though it may sound nice.
Stereo headphones are the only way to go, with any 3D
audio or similar feature of your sound card turned off.
The vOICe uses its own sound renderings, in a delicate trade-off between
good and bad effects of spatial sound. That said, there may of course =
be personal hearing differences.

In any case, thanks for trying.

Peter Meijer

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe

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