[asvs] Research Seminar On Haptechs - University Of Sheffield - 13/10/04

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Whilst slightly diverting away from the project, I thought this may be of 
interest to some project participants.  I'm in Sheffield next week, and so 
there's a good chance I'll be there.



                     THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD

                      *** RESEARCH SEMINAR ***

Date: Wednesday 13 October 2004
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Sir Henry Stephenson Building, Lecture Theatre 2
Light refreshments will be available to those attending from 3.10pm

                          DR DANIELA ROMANO

                       UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD

     Feeling is Believing: Haptic Exploration of Virtual Objects

How 'real' objects can be conveyed in a virtual environment? One's mind has to 
constantly integrates the visual, auditory, tactile cues to gain an 
understanding of the environment one perceives to be in.  The 'reality' of 
virtual objects is completely based an individual's perception and 
interpretation of surrounding cues.

I will present a study conducted at Sheffield DCS that investigates an 
individual's perception of objects in a virtual environment through touch 
alone, with the use of an haptic device: PHANToM. It will also question whether 
size can be accurately determined and whether the stiffness of the object 
affects their judgment.

Texture is an important factor to give the presence of being real.  The study 
also concentrated in discovering what an individual is feeling on given set of 
parameters and whether texture information is useful about features of the an 
object such as form, texture, friction and hardness.

What is 'real' is left to the person's imagination and previous
experience. This experiment has questioned what is inside one's thoughts, to 
try to derive how people operate and put in action their thoughts in a virtual 

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Or contact seminar organiser, Fabio Ciravegna,

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