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well, I guess I'll log in and get started <grin>

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Guess that's Will Pearson MVP, then!  Thanks Sara.

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Subject: [MVP] Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award

Dear William Pearson,

Congratulations and Welcome to the Microsoft MVP Program!

As a recipient of this yearâ?Ts Most Valuable Professional award, you join 
elite group of individuals in online and offline technical communities
around the world who share their passion for Microsoft products and
technologies with others. Microsoft® salutes all MVPs for promoting the
spirit of community by helping other people realize their potential through
technology.  To learn more about the MVP Program, visit:

Your extraordinary efforts guiding your peers in Visual Developer - Visual
C++ technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated. The
benefits you will enjoy as part of the MVP Program are outlined below.


Your dedicated MVP Lead is your key relationship resource. As your primary
point of contact, your MVP Lead will support your overall MVP Program
experience while facilitating your connection within Microsoft.

A wealth of technical resources are available to you on the MVP Members web
site. Additionally, every MVP will receive a one-year subscription to a
Microsoft online service â?" MSDN Universal or TechNet Plus!

Your printed MVP Certificate of Appreciation is your personal recognition
from Microsoft. This certificate is Microsoftâ?Ts acknowledgement of your
technical expertise and carries with it Microsoftâ?Ts gratitude for the time
and effort you have personally put forth in guiding peers in your technical
community. As an MVP, Microsoft acknowledges your work within your community
and recognizes that your broad influence on a world wide audience is a
powerful connection to our customers.

     â?¢ MVP Annual Gift
     â?¢ $150USD Microsoft Company Store voucher
     â?¢ MVP Global Summit & Local Events
     â?¢ And Moreâ?¦

We suggest that you sign into the MVP Award site now to select your MSDN or
Tech Net subscription and begin taking advantage of your award benefits. New
and renewing MVPs must go to www.mvpaward.com to initiate your MVP benefits
and elect to sign the electronic NDA. You will be asked to log-in with your
MVP identification number (ID) and Passcode.  Please include the following
MVP ID number in any correspondence with the MVP Program. Once you have
completed the MVP Award site, you can take advantage of the many other
technical benefits of the MVP Program at the MVP Member site.

Your MVP Identification (ID) is:  10706

Your one-time passcode for www.mvpaward.com is:  77LwEQVW.

Your MVP Award package is Microsoftâ?Ts way of saying thank you for making a
difference. Your package has been sent to you, you should receive it soon.

Microsoft has paid the cost of shipping, duties and taxes. If the shipping
company requests payment or delivers an invoice to you, please refuse the
delivery and contact support@xxxxxxxxxxxx, we will resolve the delivery

Below is the address we shipped the package to, including the shipper
information and tracking number. To change the delivery address or check on
the status of your shipment, please contact DHL WPX Intl directly. Should
you have questions regarding the shipment of your MVP Award package, please
contact, support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name:       William  Pearson
Company:       (if applicable)
Address:      1 Packington Hill

      Kegworth Derby

      Great Britain


Shipper:           DHL WPX Intl
Tracking Number:   7911286456

When you enter the MVP Awards site, you will be asked to agree to an
electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Some of the MVP benefits â?" MVP
Members web site, and the technical resources and relationship services
therein, MVP Global Summit, and others â?" are based on Microsoft freely
sharing information about current products and future technologies. So that
Microsoft can engage in open communications with you, we also require that
you sign and return the hardcopy NDA that is included in your MVP Award

As an MVP you have three options regarding the non-disclosure process:

1. Electronic NDA (eNDA) & Hard-copy NDA (hNDA)
Accept the eNDA on the MVP Award Site to activate your benefits immediately.
When you receive your award package, sign and date the enclosed hNDA and
mail to Microsoft. The eNDA is a special short-term agreement, which must be
replaced with a printed and signed hNDA within 60 days of accepting the eNDA

To review and accept the eNDA online, go to www.mvpaward.com and log-in.

2. Hard-copy NDA (hNDA) only
Review, sign and date the hNDA you will find in the award package being sent
to you and mail to Microsoft. Once the MVP Program receives and records your
hNDA, an email with instructions on how to activate your MVP benefits on
www.mvpaward.com will be sent to you. This process will take approximately
four to six weeks from the date your hNDA is received. Please notify
mvpga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx if you choose this option so that they can alert you
when your hNDA is received and can initiate your MVP benefits.

3. Decline all NDAs
Signing the NDA is optional.  The MVP award recognizes for your community
participation over the past 12 months. You are not obligated to participate
in the Microsoft MVP program. By choosing not to sign and return an NDA, you
will not have access to MVP benefits. Please enjoy the MVP award gift that
has been sent to you with Microsoftâ?Ts appreciation for all you do to help
others in the technical community.

We look forward to you being involved in the MVP Program this year. If you
have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your MVP Lead, Lorna
Williamson, is your personal connection into Microsoft who is available to
you as an internal resource within the company.

If you have questions about your MVP Award, please go to www.mvpaward.com,
log-in, and then select Program Policies or FAQ. You also are welcome to
contact your MVP Lead or send your question to the MVP Global Administrator
at mvpga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On behalf of everyone at Microsoft, thank you for your ongoing contributions
to Visual Developer - Visual C++ technical communities.


Anthony Russell, MVP Program Manager

Lorna Williamson, your MVP Lead

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