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The Educational Materials section of NASA's Web site offers classroom
activities, educator guides, posters and other types of resources that
are available for use in the classroom. Materials are listed by type,
grade level and subject. The following items are now available for

Calculator-Controlled Robots: Hands-on Mathematics and Science
Discovery Educator Guide -- Grades 6-9

This guide provides activities for using calculator-controlled robots
over the course of one semester. Students create programs in TI-BASIC
to run Norland Research calculator robots. Missions are built
sequentially on the knowledge of previous activities. The first
missions have step-by-step programming instructions that gradually lead
students to create their own programs in later missions. Students use
and apply math and science concepts to direct their robots through a
variety of challenges.


Additional Video Learning Clips Added

The educational video clips listed below have been added to the Videos
section of the NASA Educational Materials site. Click on the link below
each list of video clips to access the videos online.

Designed for students in grades 5-8, these video clips from the NASA
CONNECT : Functions and Statistics: Dressed for Space DVD show viewers
how NASA engineers and researchers build on past spacesuit technologies
and use functions and statistics to create the next generation of
spacesuits for the International Space Station and beyond.

Titles in this series:
-- What Is Atmospheric Pressure?
-- The Construction and Design Elements of Spacesuit Technology.
-- The Importance of Spacesuit Fitting and Sizing: One Size Does Not
Fit All.
-- Hands-on Activity in Spacesuit Design.


Targeting students in grades 5-8, these video clips from the NASA
CONNECT : Geometry and Algebra: The Future Flight Equation DVD show
students how NASA engineers develop experimental aircraft. Viewers
learn about the Hyper-X Research Vehicle, an experimental plane that
uses scramjet engine technology to propel itself to 10 times the speed
of sound. Students will understand how the Hyper-X is part of the
Future Flight Equation and observe NASA engineers using geometry and
algebra when they measure and design models to be tested in wind

Titles in this series:
-- NASA's Experimental Plane: What It Is and What It Does.
-- The Process Involved in Aircraft Design.
-- Hands-on Aircraft Design Activity.
-- Preparing for Flight: Testing the Hyper-X.
-- NASA's Plane Math Online Activity.


The video clips in the Liftoff to Learning: Microgravity DVD series are
designed for students in grades 5-12. These clips focus on four
scientific disciplines in microgravity studies: fluid physics,
materials science, biotechnology and combustion. Experiments within
these disciplines explore how the effects of buoyancy-driven convection
and sedimentation, seen in ground-based laboratories, are diminished in
space, allowing scientists to expand their knowledge in these areas.
"Microgravity" describes the restrictions that gravity imposes on
scientific experimentation and how they can be greatly reduced in the
exciting research environment of the space shuttle and later on in the
International Space Station.

Titles in this series:
-- The Constant Pull of Gravity: How Does It Work?
-- What Is Microgravity?
-- Simulating the Low-Gravity Conditions of Space in the Lab.
-- The Role of Microgravity in Scientific Research.
-- Fluid Physics Experiments in Space.
-- Biotechnology Experiments in Space.
-- Materials Science Experiments in Space.
-- Combustion Experiments in Space.


Designed for students in grades 5-12, these video clips from the
Liftoff to Learning: Mathematics of Space -- Rendezvous DVD address the
basic mathematical operations of spacecraft rendezvous in Earth orbit.
Middle school mathematics students solve problems that occur when the
space shuttle docks with the Russian space station MIR.

Titles in this series:
-- Importance of Mathematics in Space Exploration: Calculating a
-- Calculating Time in Space: Mir's Rendezvous Over Moscow.
-- Setting Up the Mir Rendezvous Positioning Problem.
-- Solution to the Mir Rendezvous Positioning Problem.
-- How an Increase in Velocity Can Change the Altitude of an Object in
-- Determining the Velocity Increase Needed for a Successful Rendezvous
in Space.



Targeting students in grades 5-12, these video clips from the
Underground Railroad: Connections to Freedom and Science DVD raise
student awareness of the Underground Railroad and the role celestial
navigation played in the Railroad's success. The series also highlights
the importance of modern Global Information System technology in
reconstructing historical topographies and finding the exact route of
the Railroad. By combining amazing historical facts-such as the use of
mathematics for communication with handmade quilts, remote-sensing
technology, Earth system science and astronomy, the series presents an
educational experience that is dynamic, moving and broadly

Titles in this series:
-- Follow the Drinking Gourd: Using the Science of Astronomy in
-- The Importance of Waterways in the Success of the Underground
-- Slaves and the Use of Horticulture Along the Underground Railroad.
-- The Science Behind the Maps of the Underground Railroad.
-- Navigating to Freedom With the North Star.
-- Exploring and Preserving the Underground Railroad With Modern
-- Archeological Research and the Underground Railroad Today.


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