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The Educational Materials section of NASA's Web site offers classroom
activities, educator guides, posters and other types of resources that
are available for use in the classroom. Materials are listed by type,
grade level and subject. The following items are now available for

Planetary Nebula NGC 2440 Lithograph -- Grades 11-12

The Planetary Nebula NGC 2440 Lithograph is now available in the
Lithographs section of the Educational Materials area.

The front of the lithograph features an image of NGC 2440, a planetary
nebula. Background information about the life cycle of stars is on the
back of the lithograph. The lithograph includes a Level One Inquiry
activity entitled  In Search of ... Stellar Death, in which students
learn to determine the end of the life cycles of different types of

Download the Planetary Nebula NGC 2440 Lithograph from the following

Additional Video Learning Clips Added

The educational video clips listed below have been added to the Videos
section of the NASA Educational Materials site. Click on the link below
each list of video clips to access the videos online.

>From the Living and Working in Space series, astronauts on the space
shuttle compare living on Earth to living in space in these videos
targeting students in grades K-4. Titles in this series:

-- Gravity on Earth Versus Gravity in Space: What s the Difference?
-- Living Aboard a Space Shuttle, a Home Away From Home
-- A Day Aboard the Space Shuttle


Designed for students in grades 5-8, the Assignment Spacelab series
shows how the unique microgravity environment of Earth orbit is used
for scientific experiments and how the rules of scientific
experimentation and safety that apply to research on Earth also apply
to astronauts in space. Titles in this series:

-- Why Controlled Experiments Are Important on Earth and in Space
-- The Process of Forming a Hypothesis
-- Using the General Purpose Work Station in Space
-- Identifying, Labeling, and Measuring for Experiment Safety


Targeting students in grades 9-12, the Flight Testing Newton s Laws
NASA Education Series shows how Newton s three laws of motion and
advanced mathematics apply to the real world of flight testing an
aircraft. Titles in this series:

-- Introduction to Newton's Three Laws, Lesson 1
-- The Law of Inertia: Newton's First Law
-- Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration: Newton s Second Law
-- The Law of Action and Reaction: Newton's Third Law
-- Weight and Balance, Lesson 2
-- Lift and Rate of Change of Momentum, Lesson 3
-- Drag, Lesson 4
-- Thrust, Lesson 5
-- Take Off, Lesson 6
-- Climb and Descent, Lesson 7
-- Cruise, Lesson 8
-- Landing, Lesson 9
-- The Landing: Approach
-- The Landing: Flare
-- The Landing: Rollout
-- The Landing: Summary


Relive the first moon landing with Flight of Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has
Landed) series of video clips. For students in grades 5-12, this series
uses footage and photos from the 1969 adventure to give an overview of
the historic event. Titles in this series:

-- Historical Quotations About Space Exploration
-- July 11, 1969: Apollo 11 Lifts Off
-- Lunar Module in Space
-- Astronauts Work Aboard the Lunar Module
-- Destination: The Moon
-- Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin Arrive on the Moon
-- Leaving the Moon, Eagle Heads for Columbia
-- Mission Ends Safety, Astronauts Head for Debriefing
-- Mission Complete: Review and Evaluation


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