[astronews] Subscribers to the IAAS Monthly Astronomy Newsletter

  • From: ki0ar@xxxxxxx
  • To: Astronomy Newsletter <astronews@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 22:13:41 -0600

Dear Subscribers,
We have been experiencing some difficulties with our current email 
server which has caused some delays and missed emails. I have taken the 
liberty of changing to a new email newsletter list server at 
freelists.com. This has been a headache for me as well as (I am sure) a 
headache for you too with all these changes. Let me just say, I do 
appreciate your continued support and patience. I have an old list of 
subscribers and I hope there are no duplicates. If you do receive 
multiple copies of this or and subsequent emails from this list server, 
please send an "unsubscribe" message from the email address you do not 
wish to receive these emails.

To unsubscribe:
- Send an email to astronews-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with 'unsubscribe' in 
the Subject field.

There are a bunch of features to the new list server that I have yet to 
check out. I will update you of the features as I get them set up and 
running such as member access to the archives and web access. Please be 
patient as I get the new list server up and running.

I do hope you continue to subscribe to the newsletter and I hope you 
find the information contained therein both interesting and informative. 
Thank you for your continued support.
Burness Ansell
Editor, IAAS Monthly Astronomy Newsletter

PS: The Newsletter for May 2002 will follow this announcement. Please 
forgive any duplication and be sure to unsubscribe the offending email 

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