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Deep Impact impactor to collide with Comet Tempel 1 night of July 3/4. Tempel 1 is located almost
dead center in the constellation of Virgo, just slightly north and slightly east of Jupiter, low
in the southwest. Actually, it much closer to Spica almost due southwest.
Clear skies and keep looking up,
Burness Ansell,
SSA Colorado

According to TheSky and the latest TLE for comets Temple1 will be .894062 AU (83,058,360 miles)
from earth or 7min 26sec. light time. That will put Tempel 1- 13* above the horizon..... close
but, with NO ground clutter visible, a tough view at 9.7 mag. granted, and hopefully 1 mag. brighter.

According to The Sky
Distance from Earth: 0.894088  a.u.
Distance from Sun:   1.506209  a.u.
Heliocentric: l:245.3471 b:-21.1614 r:1.5062
Magnitude: 9.7
RA:13h 38m  8.8s  Dec:-09d 35' 39"
Azm:244d 17' 14"  Alt:+13d 54' 40"
Rise: 14:20  Transit: 19:50  Set: 01:23
RA:13h 37m 51.3s  Dec:-09d 33' 58"  Epoch 2000
From 9P/Tempel:
  Angular Distance=00d 00' 10"
  Position Angle=+131d 40'
...did I do that right??

Here's a TheSKY screen grab of the event at the time light arrives at Earth .
From Ft. Collins, it will be only 14* above the horizon.


JPEG image

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