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Space Weather News for August 11, 2005

The Perseid meteor shower is underway.  The shower's broad peak extends from 
August 11th through
13th, with August 12th being best.  If you get away from bright city lights and 
watch the sky
between local midnight and dawn on Friday morning, August 12th, you can expect 
to see dozens to
hundreds of meteors.

The planet Mars is out during the Perseid meteor shower, too.  It's that bright 
red "star" high
in the eastern sky before dawn.  Many Perseid meteors will appear to fly past 
Mars on Friday
morning--a pretty sight.

And speaking of Mars, beware the Mars Hoax.  A rumor about the red planet 
continues to spread
via email.  The message claims that Mars will come so close to Earth on August 
27th that it
looks as big as the full Moon.  In fact, Mars is approaching Earth for a close 
encounter in
October--not August.  October's close approach will indeed be beautiful, but 
Mars will never
rival the Moon.

Get the full story, plus sky maps, pictures of Perseids, and solar activity 
updates at

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