[astcq-discuss] Fw: Distributed authoring using Word and Domino?

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 21:13:28 +1000

Must have had a bit of a glich.  This message didn't make it through on the
original post.  Has anyone noticed messages going missing before?


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> Hello everyone,
> Well, I've just been given one from out of left field.  After spending a
> considerable amount of time evaluating AuthorIT for our team, I've been
> to make a list of issues associated with a distributed authoring
> using Word and Domino.
> I have an aversion to this system straight off the bat, but I thought I'd
> some more opinions.  Here's what I've thought of without too much effort:
> - Different versions of Word are used throughout the organisation.  We
> have problems with this, and expanding the writing team to 100 or so
> around the world will just make it worse.  The potential for document
> corruption from 100 different authors, each with a different skill level,
> different versions of Word, just makes my head spin.
> - Images can't be linked.  We currently single-source our images across
> entire document set, and placing our source documents on Domino will
> that.
> - Finalisation procedures will need to be extended.  With our small team
> the time taken to 'finalise' our document set prior to distribution is
only 10
> days.  With 90 writers potentially ignoring our standards and procedures,
> finalisation will become a major task.  Instead of just checking for
errors, we
> will need to implement the standards on every document prior to
> At 268 documents, that becomes a major chunk of time.
> - Our current, kludgy, time consuming work-arounds for re-purposing would
> be required.
> - How would it be possible to ensure that every author used the correct
> templates?  If the wrong templates are used, the finalisation procedure
> even longer due to layout, header, and footer problems.
> - Speed.  It already takes longer than 60 seconds to open a document from
> local Domino server (Brisbane).  What about writers in Gallway, Edmonton,
> Toronto, New Delhi, Eden Prairie...
> - Work/Team management becomes much harder.
> - A change to the standards (caused by customer feedback, of course)
> almost impossible to implement.
> - Development has some distribution, but most of it is done here in
> We are R&D, with 99% of the coders, 85% of the analysts, and all the
> development team leaders.  Any urgent documents will have to be written in
> Brisbane due to the different time zones between global writers and local
> developers.
> If anyone has worked in a system like this before, or has any hints and
> recommendations, I'd love to here your experiences.  Both good and bad.
> Thanks for all your efforts.
> Geoff

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