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Hi John; my response to Ann's question was not included with this email,
did you receive it, or was it not included as the message came to me and
I only saw responses from others?



Ps if you didn't receive it, here is a copy...

Hello; this isn't exactly what Ann is looking for, but it may be
helpful.  I've been working with a man who has held a CDL for many
years, he had a LUE amputation and could not pass the medical exam
because of an expectation he have '2 hands on the wheel'.  I evaled him
in a truck--not a semi--and he demonstrated the ability to control the
vehicle with a SK at 2 o'clock and he steadied the wheel as needed with
the prosthetic; the eval recommendations included he use an amputee hook
as well as the SK.  I tried moving the wheel myself with the truck
parked and it felt no harder than a car OEM steering.  Before the
in-truck eval I'd tried to find out what the break-away force was to
move a truck's steering wheel to no avail.  There were too many
variables to account for and no one wanted to commit to a number, but
most said in newer trucks it is most often comparable to a car.  Since
the eval he has gotten a medical waiver from the NH DMV and now he's
applied to the 'feds' for the same.  While doing research for this I was
told someone with a CDL must be able to do the required pre-drive
checks.  My client is able to do this, but would a quad be able to?  I
hope this helps.


Don Sampson
603-547-3311, x 1640
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