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Kentucky used to have a great Agri bility program through VR.   Contact Clinton 
Matney or Kathie Regan and see what they say.   Also, check with southern 
Illinois university program to see if they have done this type of thing.   
Sally Sullivan

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        [associates] CDL - semi-truck mod?


Subject: [associates] CDL - semi-truck mod?
From: John Anschutz <johnanschutz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 03:07:03 -0400

This came in from Anne,
> My question:
> I have a client with quadriplegia at C-5.  He is a farm boy through and 
> through.  Currently he drives a pick up to work on farm hauling all kinds of 
> stuff.  He wants to get a CDL for a semi to haul grain for the farm.  Has 
> anyone had a person with quadriplegia get a CDL.  Does anyone know of a 
> company that will modify a semi-truck? 
> Thanks
> Anne Hegberg MS, OTR/L 
> Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist 
> Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital 
> 26w171 Roosevelt Road 
> Wheaton, IL   60187
> Phone: 630 - 909 - 6080 
> Fax: 630 - 909 - 6081 
> ahegberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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