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 My only experience was once a driver w/ 1 arm, otherwise in perfe= ct
physical condition was granted a CDL by the DMV of the District of Colum=
biabut then we got a call from a federal employee, I believe Dept of Trans=
portation saying for any CDL holder driving across state lines the US Dept =
Transportation had prescidence and their rule was only drivers who could ke=
ep B hands on the wheel at all times were eligible to hold a CDL=2E  S= ince
DC is only 25 sq=2E miles this was very limiting=2E  It sounded l= ike had
myclient lived in a large starte where he did not need to cross st= ate
lineshe might have been OK, for e=2Eg=2E- Maryland and DC both sa= id they
would OK this w/ special training and testing but again I am talkin= g about
a man in perfect physical and cognitive health except for the 1 UE = total
amp=2E  Thanks,  Glenn DIgman, Natl Rehab Hospital
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Subject: [associates= ] CDL - semi-truck mod?
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This came in from An= ne,
>My question:
>I have a client with quadriplegia at C-5= =2E  He is a farm boy through and
through=2E  Currently he drives= a pick up to work on farm hauling all kinds
of stuff=2E  He wants to = get a CDL for a semi to haul grain for the
farm=2E Has anyone had a p= erson with quadriplegia get a CDL=2E  Does
anyoneknow of a company th= at will modify a semi-truck? 
>Anne Hegberg MS, OTR/L= 
>Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist 
>Marianjoy Reh= abilitation Hospital 
>26w171 Roosevelt Road 
>Wheaton, IL &n= bsp; 60187
>Phone: 630 - 909 - 6080 
>Fax: 630 - 909= - 6081 
Note: if you= want to reply only to Anne then send to:
ahegberg@marianjoy=2Eorg  or= to send to the entire group send to



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