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 we have not heard of this but a good source of info re Va laws an= d
practice is the staff at woodrow wilson rehab ctr, the state's voc rehab =
facility=2E  Kay Buchanan is a long time trusted cdrs there who is lis= ted
on the ADED CDRS list or call woodrow wilson rehab in Fisherville, Va= =2E 
Glenn Digman Natl Rehab Hospital=2E  I will call ride away o= f va today and
inquire also=2E    
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associates Digest    Tue, 27 Jul 2010   &n= bsp;Volume: 02  Issue: 015

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&nbsp= ;       [associates]= wheelchairs in vans in Virginia

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Subject: [associates] wheelchair= s in vans in Virginia
From: John_Anschutz@shepherd=2Eorg
Date: Tue, 2= 7 Jul 2010 13:21:01 -0400

Is the following true? Does anyone kno= w anything about this? - Thanks,

Hello All=2E

I ju= st spoke with a client who lives in Virginia=2E She just purchased a
vanfor her son, and is in the process of changing the EZ lock system to a
4point restraint=2E She said that Virginia has passed a law that will go i=
effect Jan=2E 2011, that requires all chairs in vehicles to be secur= ed
4 point restraints=2E Even if someone has an EZ lock system, th= ey still
to have a 4 point restraint to secure the chair=2E

= Jackie Breitenstein, MS, CTRS
TR Therapist, Region Four
Marcus Commun= ity Bridge Program
Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Rd=2E N=2EW=2E
A= tlanta, GA 30309
fax: 404-367-1284

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