[associates] Natll Rehab Hospital re final fitting for vehicle modifications

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 17:38:57 -0500

 A group of therapists and vehicle modifiers in Maryland who work = together
are looking at ways to thoroughly and consistently follow up with = our
clients after their vehicles are modified to assure the modifications w= ork
safely for them=2E  This is in part due to the ADED best practices=
guidelines which recommends such=2E  Does anyone have info re how the= y are
doing this, how they are documenting it when it happens and what they= are
doing when clients do not return after the modifications are made even=
though requested to do so?  Any suggestions re how to do this well wo= uld
beappreciated=2E  Thanks,  Glenn Digman, OTR/L, CDRS Nationa= l Rehab
Hospital, Washington, D=2EC=2E
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 &nbsp= ;      [associates] NMEDA= 2010 Board of Directors Elections
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Subject: [associates] NMEDA 2010 Board of = Directors Elections
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 17:11:05 -0500
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Associate NMEDA members,

I would = like to wish everyone the best new year=2E
Also, the NMEDA elections are= winding down=2E   You have until the end of
year to vote for y= our 2010 NMEDA Board of Directors=2E
If you are an associate or other me= mber of NMEDA I want you to vote=2E 
are an important part of t= his organization=2E

This is what you have to do=2E   You have t= o be able to log onto the NMEDA
website=2E   If you do not have you= r user name and password then the only
to get that is to call the NM= EDA office and they will gladly help you=2E
Then go to the website=2E &n= bsp; Click on the "For our Members" tab and
"elections"=2E  =  You can download the candidate list with their
even w= ithout being logged in but you must log in to vote=2E  It really
iseasy=2E   Better yet with your user name and password there are many =
on the website that can help you=2E

The online voting is= a way to make voting available to all members and is
cost effective=2E =   Do it=2E Vote=2E

Thank you all in advance and wish you the be= st in the new year=2E

John Anschutz, Associate Rep=2E
Shepherd Ce= nter
2020 Peachtree Rd=2E NW
Atlanta, GA  30309

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Subject: [associates] Nat= halie Maertens/CR_CLETHB/Reg06/SSSS est
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Je s= erai absent(e) =E0 partir du  2009-12-24 de retour le  2010-01-04= =2E


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