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Thanks for including me a well.


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Thanks John!




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I just wanted to take this opportunity to test our new list serve and
pass along some things that your NMEDA board is getting serious about.
Basically you and your customers have come to expect quality from NMEDA
QAP Dealers.   In doing business problems will come up.   Personally I
think it is very important to communicate with your dealers about any
issues that you may have to improve quality for your customers.   What
happens in the rare case that you have a company that does not want to
play by the rules?   After you have tried to work things out if you feel
practices are happening that reduce quality then NMEDA wants to hear
about your situation.   They will look into the issues and if proper
practices are not being followed they will take appropriate action to
get the issues resolved.   Worst case a dealer could be removed from
NMEDA but the goal is always to try to work things out to end up with a
quality dealer.


If you have a situation then please write the NMEDA office or email Dave




John Anschutz, Associate Rep.
Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA  30309


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