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> Date: March 24, 2010 11:44:39 PM EDT
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> Subject: Re: [associates] CDL - semi-truck mod?
> I had several clients who looked into the process of obtaining a CDL or 
> maintaining their CDL with a spinal cord injury.   I had a pickup truck that 
> was modified with a Drive Matic modification.  This modification allowed the 
> client to be able to shift gears in a vehicle with a standard transmission 
> without using their legs or feet.  A sensor was installed on the top of the 
> stick shift that automatically activated the clutch.  The easiest answer is 
> to just have the client drive a vehicle that is equipped with a automatic 
> transmission.   The client would have to pass the CDL medical and apply for a 
> Limb Loss Waiver from the DOT.   The hardest part was modifing the vehicle so 
> that the client could complete the CDL pre trip inspection.   I'm sure that 
> the rules have changed but it would not appear to be that difficult to check 
> out.   The actual modification of the vehicle would be very simple.
> Dave Krieger
> ---- John Anschutz <johnanschutz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> This came in from Anne,
>>> My question:
>>> I have a client with quadriplegia at C-5.  He is a farm boy through and 
>>> through.  Currently he drives a pick up to work on farm hauling all kinds 
>>> of stuff.  He wants to get a CDL for a semi to haul grain for the farm.  
>>> Has anyone had a person with quadriplegia get a CDL.  Does anyone know of a 
>>> company that will modify a semi-truck? 
>>> Thanks
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