[associates] Fwd: CDL - semi-truck mod?

  • From: John Anschutz <johnanschutz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 01:15:29 -0400

> From: Norm Simoes <nfsimoes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: March 24, 2010 2:24:39 PM EDT
> To: <johnanschutz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [associates] CDL - semi-truck mod?
> Hello all,
> I ran across this problem some years ago and things may have changed since
> then.  A major issue was that some states required that drivers utilizing a
> CDL to operate a semi truck must be able to make routine checks of brakes,
> vacuum lines etc., by crawling under the truck.  At the time, they did not
> allow third party assistance for these tasks.  That is a local issue which
> should be looked into before any search for modifiers since the
> modifications are useless unless he can qualify for a CDL.
> As to the modifications, shifting is probably the biggest issue.  While
> there are some trucks (such as garbage trucks) which have automatic
> transmissions, most semis do not have automatic transmissions and require
> the use of a clutch.  I have heard of individuals with disabilities who have
> modified semi trucks (or had friends modify them) for their own use but
> there was some concern as they had to take both hands off the steering wheel
> while shifting.  There have been devices commercially made to allow a driver
> to use a clutch using hands only (an Italian company as I recall) but they
> were designed only for use on cars.  I have heard that many truckers do not
> usually use a clutch except when starting from a stop.  The ones I talked
> with said that they used careful shifting techniques to accomplish that.  I
> have not actually seen them do it though.  It also seems that a lot would
> depend upon the extent/type of the quadriplegia. It would seem that
> sensation in the hands and hand/wrist strength would have some bearing on
> the task of operating a semi, compared to a pickup.
> I hope any of this helps.
> Norm Simoes
> Retired Rehabilitation Engineer
> On 3/24/10 12:07 AM, "John Anschutz" <johnanschutz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This came in from Anne,
>>> My question:
>>> I have a client with quadriplegia at C-5.  He is a farm boy through and
>>> through.  Currently he drives a pick up to work on farm hauling all kinds of
>>> stuff.  He wants to get a CDL for a semi to haul grain for the farm.  Has
>>> anyone had a person with quadriplegia get a CDL.  Does anyone know of a
>>> company that will modify a semi-truck?
>>> Thanks
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