[assistivenews] oops! who is roger yake?

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  • Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 15:13:13 -0500

Ah, the wonders of modern computing.

Many of you have probably gotten a rash (that's one cob shy of a bushel)
of email from Roger Yake bragging about his long vacation.
Well, don't blame him, he's not sending those emails out, his email
service is.  Here's what I think happened:
I sent out an innocent email about windows/xp settings with jaws.
Roger's email service got it and sent a message back to the list saying
he was out of the office.
Our list got it and sent it out to the list like any other post.
His service got it and sent another out-of-office notice to the list...
and on and on ad enfinitum.

Okay, I have subsequently put Roger on semi-permanent vacation from the
list.  Just to make sure we don't have another rash, I've also set up
the list so that the moderators (Peter Tighe or me) must approve all

Anyway, this is an attempt to explain what I think happened, what I've
done about it, and to apologize.


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