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For your reading pleasure.  Once again, we do not recommend or endorse
any of the tricks or products discussed in this email.


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01. Tweak it right
02. Human Descent
03. Driver And Graphic Utilities Source
04. Allinurl
05. XP Legitimacy
06. Windows Nixie Clock
07. Faster Surfing
08. Mouse Odometer
09. Word Backup
10. MailWasher Pro

Next Week In NNT Premium

01.  TWEAK IT RIGHT.  If you don't know what you're doing, tweaking
Windows settings can cause you a lot of grief.  Fortunately, there's a
product that can safely do the job for you and give you a faster
Internet experience, even speeding downloads by as much as 300%.  It
keeps your ISP from intentionally disconnecting you (very important for
dial-up users); includes traceroute, ping, and whois utilities along
with a network connections viewer; optimizes all Internet connections
(dial-up, DSL, cable, wireless, and others); works with Windows
98/ME/NT4/2000/XP and even AOL; and more!  That's all in TweakMASTER and
with TweakMASTER Pro you get
- in addition - a DU Meter utility and LinkFox, an application that
preloads all graphics, text and other Web files,  reducing waiting time
for surfing the web effectively to nothing! You can have a 30-day free
trial of TweakMASTER at
http://www.a1downloads.com/tweakmaster.php?a=3D4905275169; or, go for =
gusto with TweakMASTER Pro and a 30-day free trial at
http://www.a1downloads.com/tweakmasterpro.php?a=3D4905275169 .

Because our NNT readers like a bargain, we've again done some arm
twisting (or is that arm tweaking?) and the TweakMASTER folks are
offering 30% off either product you choose for a limited time:  For
TweakMASTER, just $17.46 instead of $24.95  and $26.56 instead of $37.95
for TweakMASTER PRO. But there's a little trick in getting this special
price.  When you click on the ORDER NOW button to register your trial
software, the price shown will be the regular price.  The CHECKOUT
button takes you to the location for your order information.  In the
field COUPON enter NEATNETTRICKS.  Just prior to entering your credit
card information, you'll see the discount applied to your purchase

If you'd rather just be the first on your block to own the registered
version at the same discount price without a free trial, you can do that
http://store.eSellerate.net/a.asp?c=3D0_SKU7231695040_AFL4905275169 for
TweakMASTER Pro or
http://store.eSellerate.net/a.asp?c=3D2_SKU3900710369_AFL4905275169 for

02. HUMAN DESCENT.  Someone's been having lots of fun with Adobe
PhotoShop at http://www.humandescent.com/ .

03. DRIVER AND GRAPHIC UTILITIES SOURCE.  Give http://www.guru3d.com a
try if you're looking for a site to download either.

04. ALLINURL.  This command, when searching with Google, is useful if
you only know part of the URL.  Just enter that part in the search box,
preceded with "allinurl:" (without quotes and no spaces.)

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05. XP LEGITIMACY.  You say you're not sure whether that computer your
neighbor sold you has a legitimate copy of Windows XP properly
activated.  Well, if you never did trust that guy, the easiest way to
find out is by going to Start|Run and enter "oobe/msoobe /a" (without
the quotes and observe the space before /a".

06. WINDOWS NIXIE CLOCK.  Patterned after old vacuum tubes, if you can
remember the days before transistors, this is a free download at
http://www.franktechniek.nl/ .  Click on the link for Windows Nixie
Clock when you get there.

07. FASTER SURFING.  We've grown accustomed to all the Website graphics,
but they take their toll in slowing access, particularly with dialup
connections.  If these aren't important to them, you can greatly speed
your connections by deleting graphics.  In Internet Explorer, go to
Tools | Internet Options, Advanced tab and in the Internet Options
dialog box, scroll in the Settings window to the Multimedia category.
Uncheck the Show Pictures check box and back out with Apply and  OK.  If
you find you simply cannot live without the art work, you can reverse
the procedure.

08. MOUSE ODOMETER is a mouse tracking program. It tells you how far
your mouse goes, how many keys you've pressed, and how many mouse clicks
you've had for every application you use. With this information, you'll
realize why you're so tired at the end of a day.  Download free at
http://www.modometer.com .

09. WORD BACKUP.  If you've ever edited and saved a document in MS Word,
then wished you could go back to the original document, you might
consider the automatic backup feature.  Go to Tools|Options and the Save
tab and check "Always create backup copy."  Then, any newly saved copy
will first create a backup copy in case you want to revert to that
previous copy.  One one such backup copy is maintained.

10. MAILWASHER PRO features built-in intelligent features to help users
identify good email from spam. It provides a global network that allows
users to report spam. It works outside the email client so that users
are better protected and avoid the risk of downloading unwanted messages
or viruses and worms. Users can preview, delete, blacklist, and create
an "invalid email address" message and bounce the unwanted email back to
the spammer, purportedly making it appear that their email address no
longer exists.  Read what our Software Review Panel had to say about
Mailwasher Pro at http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/SoftwareReviews.

Next Week In NNT Premium:   Convert your browser Favorites  into an HTML

document you can share with others or use as a start page; reveal more
about what your system is loading at start up; launch applications from
a tray menu and manage icons with an easy and free utility; pause and
resume file copies with this handy shell extension; check out this free
spell checker; and use a tip we offer to quickly resize your screen
view.  We suggest a free Internet Explorer add-on to open multiple Web
pages in one window, and a built-in Windows/Linux application to
retrieve a variety of information about Internet connections.  Our
feature article deals with Internet security and Internet ambushers.
Don't miss this issue and 23 more informative ones for just $10.
Subscribe now at the NNT Store, http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/store .

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and other variables beyond our control.

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