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01. PubSub
02. Time Cave
03. Technorati
04. IP Search Toolbar
05. Tweakomatic
06. Digital Physiognomy
07. MS Windows Error Messages
08. Tile Machine
09. Tech Word Spy
09. SmartDraw

Next Week in NNT Premium

WHAT I WANT FROM SOFTWARE.I want it to give me free unlimited lifetime=20
technical support.  When new versions come out, I want to be able to=20
upgrade for life (my life, not theirs).  I don't want to have to install =
so please let me carry it wherever I go on a self-booting disk. I want =
to run at least 200 tests and functions and tell me all about my hard =
and, more importantly, I want it to fix bad sectors and handle hardware=20
versus software issues.  I want to be able to use this software on just=20
about any PC, all the way from the lowly 8086 right on up to the latest=20
Pentium IV.  I'd like it to boot and test a PC even without a hard=20
drive.  And it's got to be user-friendly and menu-driven, and I don't =
to spend a lot of time reading books to learn about using it.  But if I=20
decide to read the manual, it's got to have one.  And, by the way, put=20
everything I want on a  download so small that I can get it even with a=20
slow 28.8 Internet connection in 3 or 4 minutes or less.  And I want all =

that for less than $20.  Well, folks, I found what I just described with =

#1-TuffTEST-Pro and then I twisted #1-PC Diagnostics Company's arm to =
Neat Net Tricks readers have it at one-third off, just $19.95 (it =
sells for $29.95).   Read the entire nitty-gritty at=20
http://www.lab.to/nnt/230 .

01. PUBSUB.  There are several services that provide you email =
when a desired search term is found on the Web.  A similar service =
to be very useful for those who are following Weblogs and information=20
streams via RSS, a format to which which Neat Net Tricks began providing =

its feed only a few weeks ago.  At http://www.pubsub.com, you need =
subscribe (free) to their service and provide one or more search terms=20
(what you would like to follow in Weblog postings.)  This service then=20
filters your interests against over one million Weblogs and information=20
streams and lets you know when it spots something you're looking for.

02. TIME CAVE is a free reminder service at http://www.timecave.com. It=20
stores your email messages and sends them whenever you schedule.

03. TECHNORATI.  The folks at http://www.technorati.com tell what it's =
about:  "Technorati is a conversation engine. It tells you what's being=20
said, right now, about every blog or site that has something to say -- =
says it so well that others point to them. Search for the 'cosmos' of =
page, and Technorati lists every other page that has linked to it in the =

past 24 hours, ranked by freshness or authority. It shows the contextual =

text surrounding the inbound link, its age, and other helpful=20
facts."  Technorati watches early 2 million Weblogs and tracks about 254 =

million links.

04. IP SEARCH TOOL BAR.  This handy free utility at=20
http://www.panix.com/%7esaint/ipsearch/ allows quick DNS lookups, =
Whois searches, site pings, and more.

. . . . .

Neat Net Tricks on CD, over 2,000 items from both the Standard and =
issues, a collection spanning 8 years, for as little as $12.50 postpaid =
your door.  The ArchivesExpress can be yours at the NNT Store,=20
http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/store .

. . . . .

05. TWEAKOMATIC is a utility that writes scripts enabling you to =
and/or configure Windows and Internet Explorer settings remotely on =
computers.  It's a free download at=20
and, just like its predecessor, TweakUI, it comes without Microsoft =
or service.  You do, however, receive humongous helpings of humor or=20
attempted humor at this site.

06. DIGITAL PHYSIOGNOMY is not a term we toss around lightly but if you=20
want to impress the gang at the water cooler, memorize this: Digital=20
Physiognomy uses a sophisticated neural network to identify correlations =

between facial features and psychological characteristics using photo=20
identification techniques recognized by law enforcement=20
professionals..  You got that?  OK, with the shareware program at=20
http://www.uniphiz.com/physiognomy.htm you select eyes, eyebrows,=20
foreheads, cheekbones, chins, noses, mouths and ears to assemble a face. =

The program determines a person's psychological characteristics and=20
presents a detailed character analysis of that person in a graphic =
You may then print a report or save it as a Web page.

07. MS WINDOWS ERROR MESSAGES is a small utility that will allow you to=20
look up MS Windows error code numbers and display a descriptive message=20
explaining what the numeric code actually means. If you have software=20
programs that produce numeric error codes, now you can find out what =
really mean. The program also provides an option to display or print all =
the error codes and messages defined for your version of Windows. Free=20
download for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP at=20
http://www.snapfiles.com/get/mserrors.html .

08. TILE MACHINE.  Browse more than 48,000 tiles, download your choice =
create your own at http://www.tilemachine.com/ .  No software download =
required, but you'll need free Shockwave installed.  We'd like to have =
some instructions but you'll have fun experimenting.

09. SMARTDRAW is Windows software for creating business diagrams, =
drawings, and business documents by simply selecting from ready-made=20
graphic elements and dragging and dropping them onto the page.  Our=20
Software Review  Panel gave a thorough look at SmartDtaw and you'll find =

their report at http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/SoftwareReviews.


Microsoft Paint has some serious limitations, and our suggested program=20
overcomes these.  Retrieve your lost XP passwords with the utility we=20
suggest, or remove orphaned menus in the Add/Remove programs menu with=20
another.  We point out a site that lets you return to previous versions =
software when the newest version doesn't perform well for you.  Another=20
utility frees up RAM, and another captures a URL and converts it to an=20
image. Our pick-of-the-issue software shows information about what DLL=20
processes have opened or loaded.  There's more in that little "Run" =
than you realized, as our feature article reveals......and still more in =

this issue. Not only do you help support this free issue (the one you're =

now reading), but you get a lot of great information not found anywhere=20
else, for a meager $10 a year in 24 issues.  Subscribe now at the NNT=20
Store, http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/store .

. . . . . .

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